Haters Full Movie Dubbed In Hindi | Yash, Kriti Kharbanda

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Sharath ( Yash )is a fun loving guy who seldom has any friends
because of his freakish attitude. He always lives his life as he
wishes. One day he is selected to represent his college at the Global
Business Seminar meet, as he is the topper of his university. As he
enters the crowded auditorium he gets bored with the seminar and
falls asleep. When his name is called upon, he is woken up by
Swathi ( Kriti Kharbanda ) who is an MBBS student. Later he gives his
hilarious speech and thanks Swathi for waking him up. By this meet,
both of them become close friends and start to like each other.
Over a period of time, Sharath starts to suspect every act of Swathi.
One day Swathi is injured, and things become more complicated
when he misunderstands Swathi's friend to be her boyfriend at a
hospital where she is undergoing treatment. As a result, Sharath
gets annoyed and slaps Swathi. Unlike any guy who'll normally brood
over his past girlfriend, Sharath takes this as a challenge and
devotes his time to studies, and becomes a huge business tycoon
within couple of years.

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