I Hear a Symphony - Cody Fry - PIANO TUTORIAL (accompaniment with chords)

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Hi friends! Today I'm going to be teaching you how to play I Hear a Symphony by Cody Fry on the piano, a very challenging but fun song to learn! In this piano tutorial, I'll by breaking down each of the chords step-by-step, and explaining some of the music theory behind it as well. If you got some value out of today's video, you can support me by leaving a like, comment, and by subscribing! Thanks so much for watching! :)

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00:00 - Song Preview
02:52 - Introduction
03:40 - Instrumental 1
14:55 - Verse 2
16:58 - Instrumental 2
20:10 - Verse 3 (Key change)
21:16 - Instrumental 3


Hi friends! My name is Josh, and I love to teach and inspire people through piano. The piano is a beautiful instrument that anyone can pick up. On my channel, I will be posting piano tutorials, covers, and music theory videos, geared towards people who are new to the piano. Please check out some of my videos and subscribe!!!

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