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Watch Rangam Video Songs (1080p) Starring Jiiva, Karthika, Piaa Bajpai, Directed by K V Anand, Music Harris Jayaraj.

Aswin (Jiva) is enthusiastic photojournalist working in a news daily called Neti Vaartha. Two female reporters Renuka (Karthika) and Saro (Pia) are close to him and both love him but his heart beats for only Renuka. On the other hand, a politician (Kota) and Chief-minister (Prakash Raj) try everything to come to power again in the coming elections. At the same time, a young and highly educated leader Vasanth (Ajmal) fields in the same elections and campaigns rigorously for clean politics. Aswin wholly supports Vasanth and publishes photos of wrongdoings of Kota and CM. At a massive campaign meeting of Vasanth, a bomb explodes killing several people including journalist Pia. This bomb incident creates further sympathy towards Vasanth and he comes to power. The film then throws a surprise twist.

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