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Pawan Kalyan Renu Desai Romantic Scene.

Badri is a 2000 Telugu-language romantic drama film produced by T. Trivikrama Rao under the Vijaya Lakhshmi Movies banner, directed by Puri Jagannadh. It stars Pawan Kalyan, Amisha Patel and Renu Desai in the lead roles, with music composed by Ramana Gogula. This film is the debut of Puri Jagannadh as director and Ramana Gogula's collaboration with Pawan Kalyan after the successful film Thammudu.This movie gave the title of 'Powerstar' to Pawan Kalyan.This was also the debut movie of Puri Jagannadh.

Badri (Pawan Kalyan) is an ad agency director whose parents are settled in the USA. He has a love called Vennela (Renu Desai), who is a close family friend of Badri's family. Their parents want these two to tie the knot. Badri and Vennela are whiling away time, as Vennela did not finish her grads yet.

On one of those romantic evenings, Vennela tells Badri that she loves him very much. But, at the same time, she does not find the same sincerity in Badri's love. She challenges him: No other girl on earth would probably love him more than she does. Badri, who gets carried away in arguments, takes up the challenge immediately. Vennela shows a beautiful girl (Amisha Patel) coming out of the temple and asks him to approach that girl. Then Vennela goes to the US to spend time with Badri's parents. Badri gets the info of the new girl in no time and finds out that her name is Sarayu. She is a pampered-yet-docile sister of Nanda (Prakash Raj). After a few tries he is able to corner Sarayu to the extent that she expresses her love and puts forward a marriage proposal, for which Badri gives no response.

Meantime, Vennela is back and can see the chemistry between Sarayu and Badri. She starts regretting the bet with Badri. Badri, too, is torn. Nanda, who is excessively fond of his sister Sarayu, guns for the blood of Badri, as he knows that Badri and Vennela are destined for marriage


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