Barron Trump's Dramatic Transformation Through The Years

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Of all the Trump children, Barron is arguably the most low-key. As the youngest, born in 2006, he mostly stays out of the spotlight. However, as he grows up and gets noticeably taller - almost towering over his famous parents - it's becoming more difficult for Barron to remain in the background.

As the only child President Trump shares with his current wife, he's clearly the apple of his mother's eye, with Melania telling the Palm Beach Daily News back in 2006, following her very first Mother's Day,

"The love. It's unconditional love."

Melania described being a new mom as "wonderful," explaining, quote, "It's a miracle almost, I could say, that two people can create. It's very, very special." With Barron growing into a young man, though, he's making a name for himself in his own right, too.

As his mother told the Palm Beach Daily News, Barron wasn't just an easy pregnancy for her. But once he arrived, he was a dream come true. Melania described little Barron as,

"A very happy baby. He's a very, very calm baby; he doesn't cry a lot. He's up throughout the day and has a good appetite. He's very curious. He wants to see [what's going on], and he loves company."

As for which family member the little guy looked like, Melania shared her perspective, saying,

"He reminds me of Donald. And a little bit of my dad. The baby looks like Donald. He has my eyes, and beautiful brown hair. He has long fingers and long legs."

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