The Truth About Todd And Julie Chrisley's Relationship

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Todd and Julie Chrisley have overcome a lot since getting together in the '90s, but what you see on their hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, doesn't reveal the full story on their marriage. Here's what's really going on behind the scenes with Todd and Julie's relationship.

While Todd and Julie have been together for quite a while, it's not the first serious relationship for either of them. Before finding each other, Todd married his high school sweetheart when he was 21, according to the Daily Mail.

Radar Online noted that Julie also married her high school sweetheart in 1991. She was only 18 years old at the time while her groom was 24. Still, Todd and Julie were destined to be together, and they made it official on May 25th, 1996.

While the Chrisleys have a picture-perfect life on TV, some people think it's just for the cameras. In 2017, a source who claimed to be a USA Network employee told Radar Online that when the cameras aren't rolling, Todd and Julie live, quote, "completely separate" lives. Reportedly, off camera, the couple are nowhere near as affectionate with each other as they are on TV.

The source also alleged that it isn't only Todd and Julie's relationship with each other that is faked for the cameras. Allegedly, Julie is completely different in real life. The insider claimed that she and her husband also, quote, "have a team of people underneath them" to manage their household.

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