The Librarians

The Librarians T3 - Eve

Cuando los Bibliotecarios necesitan ayuda... saben quié acudir. El próximo martes las 22:00, estreno de la tercera temporada de The Librarians. ¡Con dos ...

The Librarians T3 - Flynn

No puede haber Bibliotecarios sin El Bibliotecario. En esta tercera temporada veremos á nunca Flynn. ¡Y empieza esta noche las 22:00 dos ...

The Librarians - Trailer

TNT returns world hit movie franchise The Librarian brand series Electric Entertainment executive producers Dean Devlin, Jo...

The Librarians • Crack!vid #1

Exam' I' The Librarians crack vid! ** Follow Tumblr! http://www.tothetardisskye.tumblr. Check main channel! (Th...

The Librarians - Cassandra & Jacob

All scenes Cassandra Jake. If songs blocked, ' list: 1. Nickelback - Trying Not To Love You 2. Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On 3.

The Librarians NYCC 2015

The Librarians panel New York Comic Con, 9 Oct 2015.

The Librarians Trailer | TNT series (HD)

Series Premiere Sunday December 7th 8:00pm TNT! Someone killing potential Librarians ' Flynn Carsen Guardian, Colonel E...

The Librarians S02E05 - And the Hollow Men

Flynn kidnapped enigmatic stranger amnesia collection Library' missing artifacts.