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Vietnam Rats

Tunnel rat - wikipedia, The tunnel rats were american, australian, and new zealand soldiers who performed underground search and destroy missions during the vietnam war. later, similar teams were used by the soviet army during the soviet–afghan war and by the israel defense forces in campaigns in the middle east.. In vietnam, rats are a popular food—here’s why., Rats are a popular source of protein in this part of the world, particularly among vietnamese farming communities in both the north and south—though you can also find rat on the menu in some. Vietnam tunnel rats (28 photos & story) : thechive, Tunnel rats were us, australian and newzelander soldiers who went inside viet cong(vc) tunnels to kill any vc inside, gather any intel, recover arms and finally demolish the tunnels by planting explos.

Dirty secrets of vietnam: the tunnel rats, The vietnam war with walter cronkite morley safer's vietnam - duration: 57:56. rhonda ellis 36,706 views.

Underground horror: the tunnel rats of vietnam, As the tunnel rat emerged through the connecting trap door, a viet cong might be waiting with a knife to slit his throat. the viet cong sometimes sent a spear through the throat of the tunnel rat, impaling him in the tunnel opening. at the most, there were 100 tunnel rats. most met their end in the tunnels.. Tunnel rats - digger history, Tools of trade for a tunnel rat. the tunnel rat would descend into a pitch black, claustrophobic, dank hell, to play a deadly game of hide and seek with the enemy. carefully probing the floor, sides and roofs of the tunnels became second nature to the tunnel rat as he gently inched and probed his way along..

Tunnel rats: soldiers who braved enemy tunnels in the, For a soldier during the vietnam war, one of the most dangerous of obstacles was faced by a select few soldiers known as “tunnel rats.” these unsung heroes of the vietnam war were american, australian, and new zealand soldiers specially trained as combat engineers, who carefully crawled through the cramped viet cong underground to perform perilous covert search and destroy missions..

Bbc - future - the countries where rats are on the menu, Tasty rats around the world. rats are eaten regularly in cambodia, laos, myanmar, parts of the philippines and indonesia, thailand, ghana, china and vietnam, says grant singleton, from the international rice research ins.ute in the philippines.. .roach and rat in vietnam - vietnam forum - tripadvisor, Answer 1 of 26: why are there so manyroachs and rats in vietnam? what do you think if you see aroach on your boat or a rat in your bathroom?.