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South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2021 New : Naina (Vaishnavi) and Kavin (Nishesh) are extremely active and naughty in school and their parents are forced to keep on changing the schools. Only after meeting a child psychiatrist (Suriya), they learn that their kids have Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD).

Kavin (Nishesh) and Naina (Vaishnavi) are two children who get pushed out of schools because of their hyperactive activities. Their parents are not able to bear the attitude of their children and transfer them through many schools. Accidentally, they end up with a child psychiatrist Thamizh Nadan (Suriya) and his wife Venba (Amala Paul). The two children were sent to a hostel, where they miss their parents dearly. They escape from the hostel and follow Thamizh and Venba’s children to their home. Thamizh suggests that Kavin and Naina join a school where Venba is a teacher, where they let children be themselves. Their parents think and reluctantly send them to the school. While Kavin and Naina study there, they are selected, along with Venbas son Abhiman, to participate in a talent show. There, Kavin dances and Naina tells the story of her life. Once the competition is over, Tamizh and Venba leave immediately, along with their children. When Kavin and Naina's parents questioned them why they did so, they replied with full satisfaction that all they needed was for the children to participate and not to win. The parents then realise their mistakes. Kavin and Naina also regret their mischievous behaviour. The film ends with an ambulance honking, and they prayed. The families lived happily.

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